April 2024


Doing Business with DLA Contracting Services Office (DCSO)

January 1, 1970  
Start Date

The DLA Contracting Services Office (DCSO) manages DLA enterprise-wide requirements including major Information Technology (IT) systems and programs, IT products and services, business and facilities services, and other enterprise services for DLA worldwide. DCSO is also the DoD’s provider of document services, including conversion, digital warehousing, printing, duplicating, and distributing and copier management. Additionally, the office plans, facilitates, and acquires services and supplies to support the storage and sale of strategic materials inventory. DCSO is responsible for acquiring, upgrading, rotating, and disposing of stockpile materials as provided by the Annual Materials Plan to include storage, security, testing, contracting, quality studies, and maintenance and replacement of materials in the National Defense Stockpile.

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