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Military Packaging Webinar Series 2016 Session #3: Military Contract Packaging Data and Formats

February 9, 2016  
Start Date February 9, 2016
Time 10 a.m.(ET)/9 a.m.(CT) to 11 a.m.(ET)/10 a.m.(CT)
Facility Webinar
Contact Info Aina Vilumsons
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This is the final webinar of a three part series designed for the manufacturing specialist interested in bidding on DoD solicitations and shipping products to the military. The presentations will provide basic definitions and explanations of the various types of military marking requirements and the marking formats that are applicable at the item, unit pack and shipment level.

This session will examine military packaging and marking requirements as referenced in solicitations and contracts issued by various DoD Buying Activities. The packaging data formats covered will include coded packaging data in accordance with Military Contract Packaging Data and Formats and Special Packaging Instructions (SPIs). Contract clauses applicable to shipment marking, palletization requirements and Heat Treated Wood Packaging materials will also be reviewed.

Presenter: Doug Jokinen, a Packaging Specialist assigned to the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Logistics and Safety Center. Prior to assuming his duties in the Packaging Branch, Doug was a Packaging Field Support Representative of the DCMA West District organization. Doug is duty stationed at the DCMA Twin Cities office located in the Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building at Fort Snelling, MN.


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