April 2024


NDIA Cyber Physical Systems Security Summit

January 1, 1970  
Start Date

The 2023 NDIA Michigan Cyber-Physical Systems Security Summit will provide insights into challenges, programs, innovations, and opportunities to increase the cyber resilience of our military and critical assets for both national defense and homeland security. At this summit, you will hear from U.S. military and government leadership and interact with government and defense industry decision-makers, the military and civilian red teams, hackers, researchers, and strategists informing their decisions.

Attendees, Speakers, and interactive presentations will focus on cybersecurity for:

  • In-vehicle Cybersecurity
  • Satellite Communications
  • Supply Chain Cybersecurity: IIoT/Advanced Manufacturing
  • Critical Infrastructure: Power/Energy, Water, Oil/Gas

Theme: Securing Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

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