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Post-Election Federal Market Insights – Where’s the Money – Cancelled to be Rescheduled

November 15, 2016  Milwaukee, WI
Start Date November 15, 2016
End Date November 15, 2016
Time 8:30am - 10:30am
Facility South Ballroom at Milwaukee Athletic Club
Address 758 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Contact Info Hilary DeBlois

Please Note:

The election outcomes are being referred to as “unprecedented” and “unexpected” and the transition as “whirlwind” and “bumpy”.  We are therefore CANCELLING this event and RESCHEDULING as the strategies, plans, policy and priorities of the newly elected and appointed federal leadership start taking shape. 

How will the outcome of the elections impact the money that will be spent in support of Defense, security, research, infrastructure and the myriad of goods and services purchased by the Federal government?

Join John Rogers, CEO, and William Stone, Partner, Capstone National Partners for a discussion on the direction of Federal spending, priorities and opportunities. Capstone, with offices in Washington, DC and Milwaukee, represents significant Wisconsin federal contractors, giving them a unique vantage point and perspective. Based on years of broad based experience in DC, they will provide your firm the insights to help guide your market development strategy for the upcoming years.


  • Registration & Breakfast: 8:30am
  • Program: 9:00am
  • Conclusion: 10:30am

Hosted by

  • Capstone National Partners
  • Executive Board Wisconsin Procurement Institute

Politics is dominating the news and whatever happens on November 8, one thing is for sure – successful federal contractors will adapt to the new landscape.

Capstone National Partners

Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)