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Selling to Uncle Sam-Understanding the Government Marketplace

January 10, 2018  Iron Mountain, MI
Start Date January 10, 2018
End Date January 10, 2018
Time Check-in is 8:30—9:00am; Program 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Facility Forward Financial
Address W8159 US-2
Iron Mountain, MI
Contact Info Don Makowski
(906)789-0558 ext. 1311
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  • Is your business looking to expand?
  • Have you considered selling to the government?
  • Are you currently selling to the government but only to one or two agencies?
  • Are you missing an opportunity to diversify your customer base?

The federal government market is worth nearly $100 billion in sales to small businesses each year, but selling to the government is very different than selling to the commercial sector.

This class offers potential and existing government vendors a detailed understanding of the government marketplace and players, how this market differs from the standard commercial sector, and tips on selling your products/services to Uncle Sam.  It concentrates on navigating government websites, registrations, and small business programs.  Additionally, it answers what services and resources are available to a small business pursuing the government market?  If your company has been considering diversifying into government contracting, this class will give you the insight you need.


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Michigan Works

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Northwest Michigan PTAC

Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)