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Smart Cities Technologies

December 13, 2016  Milwaukee, WI
Start Date December 13, 2016
End Date December 13, 2016
Time 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM CST
Facility TBD
Contact Info Jeffrey Anthony
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Smart Cities technologies and the internet of things (IOT) applied to city and municipal infrastructure and services, have profound and significant potential to change the way people work and live in urban environments. Some of these Smart Cities technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) to keep city departments and citizens informed
  • Public Safety and police / security related applications
  • Transportation (including public transportation, parking, and traffic control)
  • Energy Use (including advanced energy efficiency technologies, as well as Smart Grid, microgrids and distributed energy technologies)
  • Waste and garbage services

The City of Milwaukee and M-WERC have partnered in this area as part of the Envision America program in 2016. Looking ahead to 2017, we are proposing to form a group to help the City of Milwaukee adopt more of these technologies starting next year. Many of the partnering organizations from Envision America (see website linked above) and M-WERC members will be asked to participate in this group.

On December 13th, we will hear about current Smart Cities initiatives that are already in place, and then will hear what other cities are doing across the U.S. to lay the groundwork for future activities by the City of Milwaukee. We will then create a plan that can be used by other cities and municipalities across the M-WERC geographic footprint next year.

Join us next month to hear about the latest technologies being deployed in this rapidly-growing field and plans for the future!

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City of Milwaukee

Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC)

Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)