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The DOD Supply Chain – for Manufacturers Understanding Requirements and Obligations

December 3, 2015  Appleton
Start Date December 3, 2015
End Date December 3, 2015
Time 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Facility 140 BC - Fox Valley Technical College - DJ Bordini Center
Address 5 Systems Drive Appleton, WI 54914
Contact Info Jean Polka
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A contractor that is part of a DOD supply chain must understand and be prepared to comply with all the requirements and obligations of the DOD contract.

They must also be prepared to deal with potential challenges from their suppliers, contract modifications, and other challenges that could lead to non-compliance or non-performance.

            In this session attendees will learn:

  1. Expectations of the Prime contractor
  2. Flow Down Clauses – DOD requirements passed down the supply chain
  3. What to do when things go WRONG!

Presented By:

Jean Polka – Wisconsin Procurement Institute

Ken Kotloski – Wisconsin Procurement Institute


Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)