Special Issue Publications

Posturing the Defense Industrial Base for Great Power Competition

[April 2024] The National Defense Industrial Association’s fourth annual Vital Signs report is now available. This report offers an annual unclassified assessment of the U.S. defense industrial base (DIB). NDIA’s Vital Signs includes an exclusive survey of NDIA members who form the backbone of the DIB and focuses particularly on the health of the defense industrial base as it relates to military readiness.

NDIA’s Vital Signs report paints a concerning picture of an American defense industry challenged – in particular – by near-peer competitor threats. Following the Cold War, the peace dividend and many years of focus on counterinsurgency, the U.S. finds itself challenged to maintain its leadership position in renewed great power competition.

We invite you to download this report that includes exclusive survey input from over 170 NDIA small, medium, and large member companies, representing 35% of total defense spending in Fiscal Year 2022.

Report is available at: https://www.ndia.org/policy/publications/vital-signs.

DOD Releases Strategy to Bolster Cybersecurity Across Industrial Base

[March 2024] The Pentagon today released its first strategy aimed at enhancing cybersecurity across defense industry stakeholders. The Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Strategy plots a course for increased focus and collaboration between the Defense Department and the U.S. defense industrial base on cybersecurity initiatives amid what officials say are persistent cyberthreats. 

Document available at: https://media.defense.gov/2024/Mar/28/2003424523/-1/-1/1/DOD_DOB_CS_STRATEGY_DSD_SIGNED_20240325.PDF.