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Mars Solutions Group

MARS Solutions Group (MARS SG) is an industry leader in serving organizations who require both the

1. best IT talents, and the
2. best IT management solutions

to help them build a more connected AND more profitable business.

It all started in 2006 when a team of expert software architects and data managers recognized an opportunity for leading IT professionals to play a “game-changing” role in the recruitment and staffing process with a simple, yet innovative business model:

By putting highly-skilled software architects and data management experts in charge of the recruiting process, we can provide enormous value to our clients that they have never experienced before.

Over the past 12 years, MARS SG has emerged as a Tier 1 provider serving Fortune 500 companies, best-in-category mid-sized firms, and government agencies by placing the right talents that match the organization’s culture.

Drawing from a vast network of cutting-edge professionals, MARS SG does not fill jobs, we help clients fulfill organizational goals and objectives.

Leading professionals choose to work with us because we offer career opportunities with the nation’s leading organizations, in positions they can’t find anywhere else.

Because of our tremendous success in identifying and placing both “winning” talents AND teams for our clients, our key contacts have approached us for help with Big Data Solutions, Enterprise Information Management, Data & Integration Security Architecture, and consulting on Artificial Intelligence.


We have 2 divisions, MARS Talent Solutions and MARS Data Solutions. We have services and products in both segments of the business. In both verticals, we aim to help you build a more connected business by converting data from mere commodity to profit-generating capital. Several of our clients have tapped into us for both team-building and management consulting, and consider us a top tier provider for both business needs.

MARS Data Solutions
Our team of industry-leading experts is truly passionate about data. In simple terms, we provide consulting services to help you turn your data into capital. We help you monetize the vast amount of data that you produce.

Contact Rashi Khosla
Company Mars Solutions Group
Address USA Headquarters:
20900 Swenson Drive,
Suite #300, Waukesha, WI 53186
Phone 877.627,7481