July 2024


Acquisition Hour: U.S. SBA Surety Bond Guarantees: What to Know

January 1, 1970  
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The U. S. Small Business Administration’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program can help your small business obtain contract bid, performance, & payment bonds. Surety bonds help small businesses win contracts by providing the customer with a guarantee that the work will be completed.

Many public and private contracts require surety bonds, which are offered by surety companies. The SBA guarantees surety bonds for certain surety companies, which allows the companies to offer surety bonds to small businesses that might not meet the criteria for other sureties.

Does your business have: Limited Financial Resources? You have no Prior Bonded Work Experience? Trouble Bonding as a Startup? A Desire to Increase its Current Bond Limits? – if the answer is YES – YOU SHOULD ATTEND!

This webinar will cover contract bonds:

  • What they are and why they are required
  • Your potential bonding capacity
  • Ways to maximize your surety credit
  • SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program
  • Up to $6.5 million for non-federal contracts and up to $10 million for federal contracts.
  • The SBA advantage
  • Costs and getting started

This webinar will also include a presentation by WPI on locating government contract opportunities and marketing your small business. 

Shane Mahaffy, Lead Business Opportunity Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration
Ben Blanc, Government Contact Specialist, Wisconsin Procurement Institute

This webinar is eligible for 1 CPE credit.

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The SBA has recently announced statutory increases for the Surety Bond Guarantee Program. This change will give small businesses access to projects up to $9 million and federal contracts up to $14 million. To read more, please view this press release.