Remy Battery

Remy Battery has been a family-owned and operated business since our doors first opened in 1931. Michael Zurich founded the company at the height of the Depression, filling a need as a service-oriented, local battery rebuilder. With the economy at a standstill, rebuilding lead-acid batteries was in demand and remained profitable enough to carry Remy Battery through the Depression. Today, Remy Battery has four locations, two in Milwaukee, Wis., and two in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We’re home to the most consistently knowledgeable, experienced and service-oriented team of employees in our markets. You’ll also find battery power for every possible power need at Remy Battery was an early and active leader in environmental efforts and has long offered free recycling for all battery types. In recent years, we converted our transportation fleet to compressed natural gas vehicles to ensure a clean, socially responsible system of delivery.  Whatever products and technology tomorrow brings, family-owned Remy Battery will be here to power your life. Let’s Start Something!

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Tell us how you came to work with WPI?

Remy Battery came to work with WPI through a referral from an event led by WPI

How did WPI assist your business?

WPI both assisted and gave very useful advice on obtaining DLA contracts and GSA contracts

What has been the result of your collaboration?

Through collaborating with WPI we have gained a significant increase in directing business to the federal government channel

How would other businesses like yours benefit from working with WPI?

WPI can be very helpful in navigating the barriers of entry of selling to the Federal Government.