TAPCO standards for Traffic and Parking Control Co. The firm is a well-respected leader in the transportation industry. Established in 1956 in Wauwatosa, TAPCO has remained a Wisconsin-based, family-run small business for three generations dedicated to the innovative manufacturing, distribution and servicing of traffic, parking and safety products. TAPCO’s current business structure consists of four key divisions; Traffic, Parking, Signals and Federal Divisions.

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Tell us how you came to work with WPI?
As a recent college graduate tasked with the assignment of “getting a GSA contract” for our small business, I began to do some online research and realized that it would be beneficial if I had a resource to speak with. After a search online, I came across WPI (Wisconsin Procurement Institute). I set up a time to meet with one of their knowledgeable advisors. They helped me dissect the aspects of federal contracting and ultimately I submitted my bid response. After some time I was awarded a GSA contract and began the process of utilizing this as a new market for our businesses products.

How did WPI assist your business?
Truly, WPI was able to be a resource and a connector for answering questions about the contracting process. When I didn’t have a contract, they gave me guidance and training. When I had a contract, they provided an opportunity for access to decision makers. Whenever I have hit a wall, they have always provided a good faith effort to assist me overcoming a variety of obstacles. WPI also provides great networking opportunities for both small and large businesses.

What has been the result of this collaboration?
My company was able to enter and have success in a market that has a real need for our product and services. Our business has grown and conversely has been able to provide added stability and job growth to the local economy.

How would other businesses like yours benefit from working with WPI?
WPI is a non-profit, their seminars are affordable and most of the major cost is simply the time you have to commit to learn. If you come with an open mind and are an engaged participant in their seminars, WPI will provide solid advice and resources to answer most any business-related challenge. In short, the State of Wisconsin is truly fortunate to have a resource like WPI. I’m always grateful for the incredible impact they have had on our business.